introducing myself

introducing myself -


   During my business life I have spent nearly 30 years in the Lime field, covering a wide range of positions up to CEO (for over 13 years).

   I had the chance to gather a remarkable hands-on experience, with leading companies specializing in the design and construction of lime plants worldwide.

   In this framework, I have been exposed to almost all vertical lime kilns technologies, from the simpler single shaft kiln to the large capacity parallel flow regenerative multi-shaft kilns.

   Downstream the production line, hydration and classification equipment for the production of hydrated lime both with standard and/or enhanced BET values.

   Whether you are planning to modernize your existing plant, or you are willing to invest in a brand new lime production unit, I can make available to you:

   Highly professional, unbiased technical and/or investment advisory support, for the selection of sound techno/economical solutions, always having in mind the specific requirements of your own business environment.